Realtor Open House Policy

As of the twenty second day of October, 2015, the Harbor Bay CDD adopts the following policy and procedure for the approval and performance of Realtors Open Homes within MiraBay.

  • Each week Realtor(s) will need to submit their schedule of Mirabay open houses for the upcoming weekend no later than Thursday at 12:00pm.
  • A single open house listing will be created using the template that contains the property address, name and phone number of the Agent Holding the open house and dates and times.
  • This flyer/list will be printed and the Realtor will place in a stand at the Tennis Courts on Saturday morning and removed after last open house on Sunday afternoon.
  • On the day(s) of the open house(s) one directional sign will be placed in the median that reads, “Pick Upon Mirabay Open House List at Tennis Courts” (approved by the CDD)
  • Prospects can go to the Entry Gates, Say, “I’m here for an Open House at 123 Main Street”, and the virtual guards will let them in after they insert their license.
  • One directional sign may be placed at the corner of where visitors need to turn (if need be) and then signage placed at the open home (on its property only).

Communication to all Realtors: of these instructions will be posted on the new Harbor CDD Website as a policy for reference to all interested parties.

Any deviation from these terms could result in the loss of the ability to post listing or continue this policy as deemed by the CDD Board.