The District is currently in the process of repairing emergency seawalls throughout the community. See below for a schedule of the current progress:

Location Anticipated Start of Work Anticipated End of Work
Skimmer Drive Under construction 3rd week of January
Seagrass Place Under construction 3rd week of January
Sea Turtle Place Under construction 2nd week of March
Tortoise Place 4th week of January 3rd week of April

Note: Schedules are subject to change as construction progresses. Hecker will notify residents a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of any work.

The District is also currently running an RFP for seawall reconstruction for the remainder of the seawall throughout the community. More details can be found on the Procurements page of the CDD website.

Pinned Documents

2018-04-24 – HBCDD – Seawall Financing Discussion
2018-05-01 – Harbor Bay CDD – Cardno Master Seawall Project Oversight
2018-12-14 – Pre-Proposal Meeting Minutes for Harbor Bay Phase I, II and III Seawall Projects
2019-07-18 - Repair Protocol FINAL
HB-CDD Seawall Guidelines
Seawall Priority Map

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